Chapter 1 - Trouble With Sisters

Stacy Richards and Alex Wolfe get a visit from Stacy’s older sister Susan and her boyfriend Rowe Fennell.

Chapter 3 - The Wrong Season

After a mishap at the grocery store, Stacy and Susan are left unconscious, much to the dismay of Alex and Rowe.

Chapter 4 - Girls Day Out

High school friend Amber Spencer and her girlfriend Rachael Raccoon visit Stacy for the day.

Chapter 5 - Adulthood

Stacy begins to wear glasses while Susan prepares to graduate college.

Chapter 6 - A New Life

After a long nine months, Susan finally has her child.

Chapter 7 - Reflections

Stacy and Susan meet at a restaurant to catch up with each other.

Chapter 8 - Jobs & Hobbies

Stacy and Alex go through their early steps into parenthood as Stacy looks for a new job.